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We are the newest unit in the UMK's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. We are primarily established to drive UMK's quest for innovation-driven entrepreneurship.  Using MySTIE 10-10 Framework, the Lab focuses on industries with potential for the application of technology for significant optimization of local contents and resources like energy, construction, biotechnology (agriculture and health), indigenous industries, e-commerce, and social innovations. With co-working facilities for student founders and businesspeople, the lab will incubate and accelerate high-growth startups.  It will also serve as a first-rate Research and Development (R&D) lab for large companies in Malaysia. ​


To leverage emerging technologies to solve critical problems and provide bespoke business development services to aspiring student entrepreneurs  in a fun, and positively stimulating atmosphere.


Be the most impactful and respected campus-based tech startup incubator in Asia.
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what we offer

Graduate Student
No matter what your interest in innovation is, we've got something for you. Come look around, experrience our sppace, tap into advice with our expect office space or attend one of our workshops and start learning about innovation and entrepreneurship.
Building early-stage innovative ventures is hard. We make it a little easier. Our training offers everything you need to validate your idea. With access toa fully-permitted IVL labs and network available to you, everything you need to test, build and grow is at your fingertips
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